On May 17th 2010 we used Rod's Limos for our Graduation Celebration. We had a great outing to Smokey Mountain Pizza. He is a perfect gentleman and we had a top notch experience. We are the STEP Program, a group of 18-21 year olds. with disabilities and Randy {ROD} made accommodations for our students in wheelchairs while making sure everyone them selves. We have used Rod's Limos 3 years in a row and will be sure to call him again. Thank you Rod's Limos
From LUANN JOHNSON and the Staff and Students of the STEP Program, Boise, Idaho

I wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for the outstanding experience your company helped provide for my daughter’s 16th birthday. The service was outstanding. The limo was luxurious and entertaining. Thanks again.

My wife and I live in Denver and my daughter who lives in Nampa, ID was turning 16. We planned a trip to Idaho to take her out for a night on the town to mark the milestone event. I searched online for a limo service to provide transportation for the evening and I found the site for “Rod’s Limos”. When I called, the lady who answered the phone was most helpful. She made it very easy to set up the reservation and I forwarded her the addresses we would be going to that evening. She even let me pick the color that “Rod” would be wearing the evening of the birthday party. We arrived in Boise and I called to change the pick-up location. Again the lady answering the phones was courteous and helpful. “Rod” arrived promptly wearing a decked out lavender zoot suit get up. Pristinely dressed to the nines. He shook our hands, opened the door to the stretch white limo and motioned us in for the trip to pick up our daughter. We rode comfortably in a luxurious setting decorated with banners and my daughter’s favorite colors. When we arrived at the pick-up location, it was snowing. “Rod” donned an umbrella as he let us out to ring the doorbell. When we returned, he had rolled out a red carpet and was standing, waiting to get the door. He patiently posed for photos before we began our drive to down ton. The night continued with many stops along the way. Bad weather didn’t even put a damper on his sharp presentation. The night was superb and the service provided by Rods Limos was the icing on the cake.

Thanks for a wonderful time. We will recommend you often and you will be our transportation of choice the next time we visit Boise.

P.S. I get the sneaking suspicion that the driver, “Rod” is actually the owner operator of this limo service. However, he never once mentioned or even suggested it. He treated my daughter like royalty and we greatly appreciated it.

Respectfully, Cody Mullins


 “The Working Randy”
By Robert Ricci

Aside from the amazing person and genuine character we have come to know in Randy, he applies as much of himself and more to his work. If you know anything at all about Randy you know he is most passionate about his work. Here’s just a few things about the guy who selflessly gets it done, day in and day out, for the good cause of “the company”, with class and a smile, every time, all the time.

Randy is always: Always above and beyond the call, every time, all the time. The professionals, professional. Courteous and kind to a fault. Prepared, punctual & perfect gentleman. Get it done attitude, got it done accolades, this guy is for real. On or off the clock, he’s always on the clock, all the time, every time. Dedicated, loyal, hardworking and tireless.

“A brief interpretation of the man.”

Seldom you will find,
a man of Randy’s kind.
Seldom you will see,
a man as rare as he.
Soon you too will see,
he’s just like you and me.
Seldom found, a friend as he….
Seldom in this world, Randy.
Years come and go…..
as people do;
few like Randy are so true.
You’ll see too, just what I mean.
Seldom chance to meet,
Someone as he……
Seldom chance to meet one as Randy.

By Nick Fowers

With Randy as your Chauffeur, the clients are treated like royalty and their every need is meet. His personality is charming, accentuated by his well mannered disposition.

Randy’s is Boise Idaho’s most requested Chauffeur, with clients all over the Treasury Valley. In the last few years Randy has become very popular and well known that clients even request what they would like him to wear for their special occasion. He has suits in every color and style, ranging from Zoot suits, Victorian costumes, formal black and white tails,
corporate suits and dozens of very flashy ensembles.

Randy takes pride in his appearance and grooming. He’s always on times for his appointments, is a very safe driver and friendly to everyone he meets. Many people know him for himself, while others because his younger brother is Kevin Spacey the actor. Everyone thinks he looks like Rod Steward. I wonder where they got that idea?...!!

At the close of their adventure, clients leave with good mem
ories and feelings about their time together in his limousine.

Mama Lion Says
A HUGE "MAMA LION THANK YOU" to KTVB! Thank you so much for the awesome limousine ride to Borah's Homecoming Game! We had so much fun cruising through town like the rock stars we are! Ha Ha! Our parent crew included Pappy and Mama Moden, Ken and Gail Kaae, Papa Lion and myself. We had the coolest wheels at the Homecoming Game! :-) We also really appreciate Randy of Rod's Limos. Randy was dressed in Borah's Colors! He wore an amazing gold suit with green shirt and green accents throughout his outfit. He looked great! Although he really does look like Rod Stewart, we chose to believe his awesome hair was really his Lion's mane! He was an honorary Lion last night! He also decorated the inside of the limo in Borah's colors and it was great. Thanks, so much, Randy for all of the personal made our ride that much more special! Thanks, again, KTVB!! As if it were not enough that you work so hard to provide such a great place for high school sports fans to come and post pictures, articles, share team spirit and check out the other schools ..AND you produce a high school sports show.... you also reward those fans for joining in all the fun. I'd say it's pretty much a win, win, win situation for anyone taking 20 seconds to build their profiles on the HS Game Time site! We had a great time at our Homecoming game! The new venue was surprisingly inspiring! And our limo ride was the icing on the cake! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! Mama Lion :-)

Hello there Rod,
You collected me at Boise Airport on 21st December 2009 when I was visiting my family Gwyneth and Anthony Holden in Boise. I would like to thank you for the experience which was a wonderful start to a wonderful Christmas holiday there. Hope you do not mind my contacting you but I just wanted to let you know that I really did enjoy this and to let you know that all my friends here have seen the enclosed photo and when I related my story they thought my ROD STEWART experience was great. Being an older person this kind of thing was not available when I was younger.
(By the way I am listening to my Rod Stewart music as I type this).
Would you be so kind as to send me a photo of the outside of the limousine. I was pretty tired when I arrived in Boise and meant to take some photos of the outside of your beautiful limousine.
Thanking you
Kind regards,
Pat Holden.


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