Jack Ewing
"Yeah, I can write that."

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You probably donít know Jack.

                 Let me introduce myself: my name is Jack Ewing.
                 Iím a guy whoís written and published more than 100 million words.
                Chances are, youíve never heard of me.
                The reason why is that Iíve most often maintained a low-key, behind-the-scenes profile. Itís not because Iím modest. Iíve just been too busy to do a lot of self-promotion the past 40-odd years. 
                From the early 1960s, Iíve let my writing do the talking for me.
                My words have spoken loud and clear, in the form of short stories and novels, nonfiction books and bylined articles, reference entries and essays.
                Since 1970, my specialty has been advertising, marketing and public relations. Iíve conceived and written TV and radio ads, video and film scripts, brochures and pocket folders, billboards and posters, Web content, press kits, direct mail, packaging, and virtually any other type of communications you can think of. 
                Iíve entertained, informed, stimulated and persuaded a wide range of people from children to senior citizens, and from blue-collar workers to rocket scientists.
                My words have helped advertising clients make millions of dollars.
                Iíve quietly garnered numerous awards for my work.
 Iíve won dedicated fans (even if they donít always remember my name or recognize me on the street).
                Despite everything, Iím still Mr. Anonymous.
                Well, not any more.
               Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, Iím stepping out of the shadows for a change, with my first web site.
               Please feel free to wander around at your leisure. Learn something about me, remember it, and pass it on. (And if you need help with a writing project, for goodnessí sake, get in touch with me.)
Then at least, when somebody says, ďYou donít know Jack,Ē you can fire back, ďActually, I do know Jack. Jack Ewing.Ē


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