Jack Ewing
"Yeah, I can write that."


Iím a poet and I know it:
Look at my feet, they show itó
Theyíre Longfellowís


In my youth, I wrote lots of poetry.

Itís a good, succinct form of expression, especially if you write longhand, and you want to say something while avoiding writerís cramp.

Most of my early stuff rhymed, because thatís the form teachers concentrated on in grade and high school. If youíre an English major in college, you get heavy doses of the classic poets, like Shakespeare, Pope, Dryden, Byron, Keats, Shelley, Poe, Wordsworth, and yes, Longfellow too. 

As I got older and learned more, I broke away from rhyme, trying free and blank verse. But Iíve always appreciated the craft of rhyme, and I still enjoy coming up with new rhyme schemes.

Iíve published several hundred poems over the years. (You can find some examples by clicking this link.). Though I now write mostly proseóbecause poetry has its limitations óI still dabble in the form now and then.

Link to:

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